Monday, June 14, 2010

the midway point

2 papers down. 2 more to go. 9 days to home.

The feeling of being able to say "I'm going home next week" is awesome. I really am stoked. I'm wondering why I put myself through the agony of staying away for 9 months last year. I know people have stayed away from home for much longer. So I'm a big homesick baby. Sue me.

I've had a tough first paper. All I can do now is pray that I pass so I don't have to retake a whole semester. Gosh, why couldn't I be born with a more scientific inclination. Sometimes I wish I was born with that win-or-die attitude. I'm a little too easy-going for my own good. bleh.

The KL marathon is next weekend! eeps! What have I been doing? I haven't done any major runs since the Xterra trail race i did about a month ago. Apart from the 10k runs I'm doing for Run Auckland, I really only run about 2-3 times a week, 8.4 km each time. Goodness, what a slacker! I hope I can do another sub 4 hours. Counting on my 2 race buddies to keep me in pace!

Looking forward to all the food I'll be having! This time around I'm just gonna pig out and not bother about my weight! I vow to never say no to more late night burgers. haha! If I have a problem with it, I shall run! =) I really can't wait to be home!


Jayson Yong said...

COME... we shall go try super burger in sg besi ... lol

galnexdor said...

sg besi?! jauhnye

Jackie Voon said...

burger lorry je..