Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I decided to watch the All Whites play Slovakia last night, for some reason. I hardly ever watch football, but just a few hours before while I was at work, I spoke to my clients about the World Cup and so felt compelled to be "in the know" of things. So I stayed up, cocooned myself up in my sleeping bag, armed with my laptop and a hot cuppa (milo actually), and watched the enthusiastic Kiwis play their first World Cup match since 1982.

It started off with a huge attack, Kiwis charging at every Slovakian they can get as if it was rugby. But then their spirit kinda fizzled out after the first quarter and they seem to be chasing the Slovakians more than being chased, because they never quite got the ball. To me anyway. But the domination statistics showed otherwise. At 50 minutes Slovakia scored one goal and I kinda laughed. I guess like everyone was saying, the Kiwis were just happy to be there. They really are the underdogs this year.

At 70 minutes I was dying to go back into the room and crawl underneath my duvet. It was freezing in Auckland last night, it still is freezing today. But I figured I could stay for another 20 minutes, since I got no where to be tomorrow morning.

I am so glad I did. Because right after 90 minutes, during the injury time, Winston Reid (pic) scored their first ever World Cup goal! I had to refrain from jumping up and shouting! It was amazing! I am so proud of them! They stuck their head in the game and fought on to the very last minute!

So it shows it never is too late to change things. Nike said, write your future. They didn't say when to give up. The answer I guess, is never.

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