Sunday, December 09, 2007

prawn pasta and oreo cheesecake

nothing says yummmm better than simple pasta with prawns and mushrooms sautéed (this is my new favourite word whenever the topic of cooking arises) lightly with virgin oil, garlic and minced meat. and to top it off, oreo cheesecake for dessert. 100% made by moi. :)

i cooked for the secondary school bunch last night, also a table of 7, and it was almost flawless. the pasta lacked a bit of taste, but nothing a sprinkle of salt couldn't fix.

no broken plates. no hot oil scalding. no negative feedback.


p/s: i should take photos of the food next time. and of the satisfied stuffed faces. hahaha...

1 comment:

valeriechuan said...

i want oreo cheesecake toooooooooooooo.......ok bake that for me too :P and cook a meal for me too :P...*ngek ngek ngek..