Sunday, December 02, 2007

and so it came

THe Ultimate Prom Nite was shown LIVE on 8TV last night from 11pm to 12 am and yours truly, in all her grace and poise, dressed in diamonds and stilletos and fake eye lashes, had to topple off a stair on stage. classic. :)

anyway, the entire prom night was great. we all arrived in a limo, pair by pair. i came in first with Chay. Riding in a limo is pretty magical, even if we sat in it for like a minute tops. we had the typical red carpet treatment whereby we step out of the limo and were greeted by flashing lights. then we move on over to a photo booth, so to speak where a tonne of other cameras were snapping away. talk about living the celebrity life! and all these were projected on big screens within the hall for all to see.

the first time i was on stage itself, i almost tripped doing a twirl with Chay. uhuh....3 inch joke. :)

the show only went live from 11 pm. i was nervous as hell, anticipating what kind of question i'd have to answer. lucky for me, mine wasn't too hard. i think the rest of the night went pretty well. i could see all my friends and family. friends from college were there, friends from school were there. friends ive not seen in AGES were there. felt really touched. :)

so did i win? sadly, no. but it's been a journey i didn't regret taking. it was an experience i'd never forget. would i go through it again? mm...maybe, maybe not. there were a lot of moments whereby i felt so out of place that i thought i'd made a mistake. so, yea, i'd think twice. :)

winner was Amanda and Reagan. i comments. watch it here to see for yourself. :)


Obi-Kwan Kenobi said...

U did try ur best and a winner in ur own right.

sean said...

in my eyes, you're still the ultimate prom queen. it was a great journey, something i don't regret getting on, thanks for the moments you were there to calm me down. it meant the world to me :)

theo said...

galnexdor alright :)

kev said...

Well done, sis! Proud of you!

galnexdor said...

thanks wen ching...:)

sean, and ur still my Mr was good fun...thanks for all the support...:)

theo, yup...:)

thanks kor...hahaha...

Wengie said...

the flash makes pei jiens bra very apparent

Wendy said...

i turned on 8tv at about 10pm n thought the show already finished. didnt know it show so late. i was watching miss world 2007 that time. aiya i missed it. anyway, nice dress!

galnexdor said...

weng: haahha yea it does...its a silent known rule actually that if u wear a black top u wear a black either she meant for it to show at some camwhoring point, or she forgot...:)

wendy: um no it was from 11 pm to 12 am...:)