Tuesday, January 03, 2012


A bit late I know but owell.

I cannot believe it's already 2012. Because a year ago I thought I'd never see the end of my degree, I'd never get out of New Zealand alive, I'd never gonna start work and get paid, and I'd never cease to tell relatives at Chinese New Year that I'm still studying. =\ Well, it wasn't that I thought I'd never see the end of all of that, but it just felt like such a looooooooongggg wiinnnndddingggg road that the end was very vaguely in sight.

But well, look where we are. =) SO! Things I did in 2011:

I learned to pick up the pieces of my broken heart.
I did a flash mob! *woot!*
I met Patrick Teoh and recorded my voice in a recording studio.
I flew back to Auckland with a changed mind set.
I met some interesting people around the world through Couch Surfing.
I rode with one of them on one of those big sporty motorbikes and went up to 200kmh on the highway!
I did Tongariro Crossing for the second time.
I went clubbing in New Zealand for the first time and loved it.
I went clubbing for the second time there and decided I still hate it.
I went out with a soldier boy for a little while.
I went to Fiji! *yeah babyyy!*
I got my girls Lyn and Rosie to travel around NZ with me and laughed our heads off everywhere we went!
I skydived from 12,000 feet!
I graduated and got my second degree. *woot!*
I came back home and started work, for real this time.
I became Teacher Karen.
I earned my first big paycheck!
I had the most number of foreign friend visitors in my life.
I ran free workout sessions for a bunch of friends and (think) I managed to convert some of them into exercisers now!
I did The Legend marathon in Auckland.
I did Cycle Malaysia.
I did Powerman again!
I finally did Penang Bridge marathon and it was horrid.
I got hyperthyroidism again. *boo*
I attended a whole bunch of weddings.
I got myself a new sister-in-law.
I met someone else who makes me laugh. =)

2011 was a pretty good year, looking back at it. I think I achieved a lot, explored a lot, and learned a lot.

Well, here's to an even more awesome 2012!

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