Sunday, August 07, 2011

Hello, work!

Everyone says, enjoy student life! You'll never get it back when you start working. They all say, once you start work, you don't get so much freedom, you don't get to play that much.

What everyone didn't believe me was when I said, work was going to be so much fun. I was right.

I started work this week, and it has been amazing! I do admit being committed to work for such long hours does kinda drain my energy, but apart from that work is so much fun! I'm still a little conscious about myself, being a new kid on the block in the whole PT thing, but I think I'm slowly gaining confidence. I am, after all, a Sport and Exercise Science degree holder. I am possibly more qualified than half the trainers in this country, if not more. =) *Just psyching myself up, don't mean to sound pompous*

On another note, I've been pretty moody lately, and I don't know whether it's just my hormones at work, or it's just being back here again, and facing all the memories once more. I function fine when I'm kept busy, but like always, the night gets to me. Also, I've been having dreams lately, and they leave me a little...disturbed...when I wake up. It's a bit unsettling. But it doesn't stay long, because once the day's activities pick up, I'm a happy camper again, which is good. But yeah, gotta do something about the nights and the dreams. heh. And the fear that I'm going to die alone. HAHA. No really...

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