Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's a funny thing when you start dating someone. For me, at least.

I have this thing I do where I observe people around very often. And when I come across a couple, staring lovingly, longingly into each others' eyes, hands clasped over the other pair of hands, or laid on the other person's lap, or playfully stroking her hair, I find myself grimacing, and thinking "They must be new". I wonder how could these people be so oblivious to the watchful eyes of the public?? I personally despise seeing it. I do not like public displays of affection.

But then I'm out with D and the next thing I know, I'm doing one (or all) of the above without a care in the world. Let them see. Suddenly I'm Sandra-Dee, all starry-eyed, giggly and stupidly happy, and I couldn't care any less if anyone saw me this way.

I'm a hypocrite since I became somebody's girlfriend.
So the next time you hear me go "pft, look at those two, they must be new", you know that what I'm really thinking of is D. =)

here's to 26 months, babe.


CALVIaNoRonaldo7 said...

I SAW u doing

galnexdor said...

hahhaha...guilty as charged...=) when we going makan trip again!??!

Jayson Yong said...

ahhhh i very understand ur post :D

eh...makan tak ajak...ish
ive only seen u ... twice since u came back lol

galnexdor said...

haha twice in 1 month better than twice in 1 im still better than joey. hahaa

okok one day we go makan..=)