Thursday, December 03, 2009

Additions to my wardrobe

When i came home a couple of weeks ago, I looked into my cupboard to see what I've got to wear and I found a bag of Powerbar goodies. Having been away for the past 9 months I have completely forgotten about the perks of being in the Powerbar Team Elite. The bag consisted of an array of socks, t shirts, and more stitch on badges. But the best thing I found in that bag was this.
A Powerbar cycling jersey. Isn't it just...awesome? Man I look pretty cool. It's just a pity i don't ride anymore. I don't even have a bike! I've made a promise to myself that the moment I have a little more financial freedom, i.e. when i finish my degree and start earning some real money on my own, I'll buy myself a cool bike and go into the tri scene again. In the meantime I'll just have to find someone to loan me a bike, and a group of people willing to take me on a "fun" ride because trust me, I am really really slow now. I need to start RPMing again, dammit!

Also, today I met up with Uncle Choi. He is also a contributor to my cause. He has given me a little token of support, a Running Skirt. This is what I'll be wearing for the run.
Yep, I'm running style! =) Back in my gymrama days, Mrs K taught us a very important lesson that I remember till today. Even when you fall, go down in style. Hee~!

On to the battlefield!

p.s.: check out my new Fuji Finepix waterproof camera! :)

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