Monday, September 03, 2012

Can I?

Things are moving pretty quickly for me, career wise. I've been working full time just over a year and in that short period of time I've managed to get myself into many MANY things. It's quite a thrill, mainly because I have envisioned all of this for myself, but living it makes it feel all the more extravagant.

But yet I seem to doubt myself quite often. "Can I?" is something I find myself asking over and over again, even when I have made a promise to myself to always take that leap of faith because doing so has granted me so much in the past. I am a leaper. I leap. Always have been, always will be (hopefully). I sometimes think Disney has ruined me, making me a dreamer, an idealist. I live for fairytale, dreams come true, and happily ever afters. But because society in real life as I've come to know, is quite the opposite, so while I have these vivid visions of my future, I still wonder "Can I?".

On a separate note, I realised that, evident from this blog, I think about my career a LOT. If it's not this, than it's about love & marriage, but still, most of the time I think about my career and where I am heading.  I don't know if people still enjoy reading this blog, or has it become quite boring. Meh.


theo said...

When reasons and pressures of life grip you, you began losing your rhymes. This much I know.

..melanie.. said...

keep writing, i always look forward to new posts from you! and i don't think focusing on your blog is making it boring or anything, it's just a natural progression; we can't always be writing about clubbing and bad ex-es (EEK! i was guilty of that for a loong time!). i love that we're all in this new phase of ya, keep writing! and don't take such long breaks between posts haha! let this be a warning..

theo said...

We are all so tragic in our existence. We are in need of time but woefully short of it. We are pressed for decisions but without time and learning, we are bound for doom.