Thursday, July 05, 2012

Maybe tomorrow I'll find my way home

Stereophonics...isn't always my cup of tea but it's currently playing on air and it's somewhat suited to what I was going to write about anyway. =)

I think I feel a little unsure of my footing. I feel like my career path is somewhat more accelerated compared to other people's and while some may take a year or two testing the waters and figuring out what they'd like to be, I find that I need to make that decision now, or the soonest possible. Because while I kinda know what I want in life in terms of career, I am distracted by everything else in the market place. Suddenly there is more to the fitness world than what I knew of and I want to learn more and try more and see more. I want so much but I think I need to start homing in onto something in specific and pursue that journey. And if I want to achieve what I plan to achieve as young as possible, I had better get started because I'm not that young any more. Sadly. Meh.

Sometimes I wish I have a more brilliant mind. Like that of people who have made it big. I know there is a lot of sweat and tears poured into what they do, but not every hard working fool can reach such success. It takes a certain amount of brilliance and that much of life is unfair. Because brilliance could be blessed onto some undeserving people with the wrong intentions. While simple, less brilliant minds are inherited by the kindest and most hardworking of people. Not saying myself. While I try to be a good and caring citizen of society I know that I may not exactly the noblest of all.

So yea. I want to kick start my life. But how and what exactly, is the question.


Dian said...

Karen, I enjoy running and exercise a lot like you, and as a result I have very big strong legs and calves, while my upper body is quite small. (I'm a girl). Do you know how I can lose my leg muscles as I think it looks quite disproportionate and my legs are bigger than many of my guy friends.

galnexdor said...

Hi Dian, sorry for the late reply, as I hardly ever receive comments on my personal blog. :) That's ok I'll see if I can help you. I think it is great that you are active and enjoy running, and your muscular legs are a sign of strength, something you should be proud of. We have different body types which are genetic and I think that you have a more mesomorph body type which means you build muscle mass easily. As a matter of fact, running is the best way to maintain the tone of your legs without bulking up too much. Your legs will become more muscular with weight training (e.g. weighted squats)so maybe you might want to avoid that. But yes, be proud of them =) Guys should be shy if they have smaller calves than u ;)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Karen! Have followed your blog for many years now. Very happy that everything is going well for you.

I'm proud of my fitness but can't really say I like the big legs. Makes it hard to dress nicely since skirts just show off how big my calves are. With heels my calve muscles bunch up even more and they look scarily muscular even to me!

I suppose theres not much I can do though, I'm already running loads and staying away from resistance stuff!