Sunday, April 29, 2012

That yellow parade

I wish I went.

Initially I thought the demonstration was in the morning, so I couldn't go for it because I didn't want to miss running for the Orang Asli in the jungle. But it turned out it was in the afternoon. And I didn't have anybody to go with. But looking back I wish I went.

I've never been a strong follower of the political situation here at home, simply because I honestly don't know in depth enough about the issues that go on. I only know what's on the surface. So that's why I never really projected a strong stance in anything with regards to politics. But I'll admit to one thing, I do want change. Because I have been lucky enough to travel out of the country, I can see how our country can do with so much change.

I missed the last gathering because that was the date I was flying back home from NZ. I had intentions to join the next one they had, but then I guess I wasn't proactive enough to find out more about it to go this time around. But looking at the news and videos on the internet, albeit how biased they may be, I felt a sense of pride for the people who had the courage to stand up for what they believed in. I thought that the audacity of the youths of my country is just amazing, and whether or not they were just there to silently observe, or there to fight, I just felt so proud that they were the same nationality as me. I want to be like them.

Whatever injury or pain they had to sustain yesterday, I know. without a shadow of doubt, that it's working. Change is about to unfold, slowly but surely. And I couldn't beam any brighter with pride.


dannie chOOng said...

u would have written differently if you were there, its just not the same reading it over the net and being there yourself. anyway, it was nice to meet u at OA run :)

theo said...

You wish you went? Picnic event? LOL, you must want to beat up someone to attend such event. Our country is in infancy stage, so it's wiser to let other picnickers do the yellow parading, while you, the more eloquent, prepare for the next tasks ahead ;)