Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Statement pictures.

Lately there has been a sudden influx of all these little statement pictures on Facebook. Like this one:

or this one:

or this one:

Honestly, I think they're kinda cool. Except for the fact that it's turning into a fad now. That makes it kinda not cool any more.

The thing is, the only quotes I can repost on my wall are the ones about running, and motivation, and inspiration to get off the couch and start training. Because I'm too self conscious to post something about love and relationships. If I post a bitter one about exes and break ups, then I sound, well, bitter. If I post something about finding the right one and joy and happiness, well, that's just denial. Or wishful thinking.

Truth is, the photo I really want to post is this:

I miss the joy, the happiness, the out of this world sensation you get when you are together with someone. I miss having a default person to call out for movies, for drinks, for holidays. I miss having a someone. And being someone's someone. Being single is only fun if you're the kind of person who rocks at being single. Me, I don't rock it that well. I have no intention to flirt, to date casuals, to figure out if I can date alternative types. I don't really want to. If I were 16, hell yeah. But I don't really want to right now. Right now, all I really want is to go home after a long tiring day, to talk on the phone with that special person while lying on the bed, making plans for the holidays or the weekend. I want to look forward to weekends like I used to. Nowadays the only thing I look forward to during weekends is 8 am sleep ins and Sunday morning boot camp with my mates.

That day better come.


theo said...

Yes, Karen, what you're feeling and the apparent needs are indeed the truth for the moment. Just don't trust or rely on these instincts too much. In this passing phase, dwell, observe, experience, and learn the priceless lessons that would come in handy later. It's the passing fancy of youth, and it will all burn out too soon, to be replaced by another more solid all-round personality, and one that would not cause too great an earthquake to your emotions, and a stage where your decision-making skills will be as sure as gold.

Now? Burn all the energy of youth as much as you want and live it up!

LOL all those quotes are indeed funny as hell! And some...still touches..

Julie said...

my favourite is the first one!

RosiE said...

Love this post! :)